Titanic Mysteries

I just saw Titanic’s Final Mystery, the History Channel’s 2012 centenary tribute. It depicts historian Tim Maltin’s investigation of the sinking, with vivid re-enactments and effects. His findings about weather anomalies on the fatal night are compelling, and his great 2-hour show makes my 4-minute video “Who Sank the Lusitania?” at leonardcarpenter.com look modest by comparison. Yet every disaster has multiple causes—contributing factors that, if changed, could prevent the catastrophe. Air crashes typically result from what the FAA calls “a cascading failure situation.” Weather, equipment failure and human error can combine to seal the fate of ship, passengers and crew. In the coming days, I’ll post a series about accompanying possible “causes” of the Titanic tragedy. (Was it the binoculars being left in a locker? No, according to Maltin.)

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