The Social Network

The social network
Destroyed my dream
You with another guy
My heart wants to scream…

paraphrasing Billy Idol, “Call Me Crazy” in his 2014 album Kings and Queens of the Underground

Up until now, 2017, pre-Lusitania, that’s pretty much all I heard about social networking: Catfishing horror stories on Dr. Phil, cyber-bullying suicides, chatroom adultery, fake news blogging, blah blah blah.

And I did vainly pursue one biker babe on Facebook, and tweet on Occupy America, but without ever really catching fire. And, more recently, invent (or re-invent) the hashtag #TREXIT that seems hot, lol.

But all that time I was busy posting websites of my own: a 2000 political site,; A vivid graphic site for my novel Biohacker, formerly titled Fatal Strain; my eco-religion page Church of the (still up there); this WordPress author page in its earliest form, now revamped as; etc.

Oh, and while trying to sell a Conan the Barbarian TV script, I did frequent the site of what may have been the worst (and lowest-budget) live-action TV show ever broadcast. (The highlight of the series was an Emmy-quality performance by Mickey Rooney as a tribal chieftain.) Their unmoderated chatroom was a cesspool, the Hyborian Age equivalent of a mosh-pit. Yuck!

A Lusitania Spy Thriller

Now, faced with the challenge of 21st century publishing—both online and in stores, by the grace of books—I get to extol the merits of my Lusitania spy thriller: how it is the literary equivalent of “Titanic Meets Das Boot” lol, a romantic adventure with gripping suspense and tragedy above and below decks on the Lusty Lusi.

What fun! All of this amid the Great War in 1915, with scenes in the capitals and battlefields of Europe, in the White House in Washington DC and on the gang-haunted mean streets of New York. Three years after the Titanic disaster, here are the innocent joys and vivid tragedy that started the US on our path into World War I.

Romance, Intrigue and Murder

I also get to explain how my Lusitania Lost can be so rigorously faithful to history while portraying romance, intrigue and murder on the war-ravaged Atlantic. The drama unfolds both among my fictional characters and the actual world leaders, Broadway celebrities, and crew on RMS Lusitania and the submarine U-20 that relentlessly stalked the luxury liner.

Written to a tight, ticking historical timeline, my epic reveals gripping details lost or concealed in most written histories. Apart from my invented characters, everything is documented except my answers to those questions which may never be answered by the Lusitania’s crumbling wreck—such as, what secret weapons were in the liner’s hold? And what caused the second, more violent explosion that made the ship go down in only 18 minutes?

Lusitania the Video

I get to produce and display my background 4-minute model-animated Youtube,Who Sank The Lusitania? at

Lusitania the Movie

And I get to peddle my completed, 120-page screenplay THE LUSI, to any Hollywood studio that wants to challenge James Cameron’s immortal TITANIC with modern digital effects, rather than building a life-sized breakable model of half the giant ship in Mexico.

Two Shipboard Romances

I won’t go into the perils, loves and conflicts of my fictional characters, which are also faithfully portrayed in the movie script. All of that can be in a later blog, or possibly another video.

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