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Welcome to National Book Lovers’ Day! My novel LUSITANIA LOST is a wartime epic portraying hope, idealism, romance, terror and ultimate tragedy, the whole range of human emotions. Due out in September from and up for pre-order at, my 1915 war epic recounts the Lusitania ‘s last voyage. One reader says, “Anyone who thrilled to the Titanic film will love this book.”
What the passengers on the luxury liner didn’t know was, they were steaming into the modern savagery of war that targets civilians as brutally as combatants. The result, rivaling the war’s worst naval sinkings, was the greatest civilian sea disaster since Titanic. But the more momentous effect was to set the US on a path that by 1917 would escalate Europe’s Great War into the first World War.
These world-shaping themes are barely glimpsed by my characters: a torch singer fleeing a New York mob boss, taking refuge with nurses shipping out to the front, and meeting a pair of reporters on assignment as war correspondents. They join Broadway stars and rich globe-trotters aboard the glamorous liner, already being stalked by a relentless U-Boat captain attacking unarmed ships in the War Zone. The consequence—romance, intrigue and murder in this Lusitania spy thriller—is soon overshadowed by the looming crisis that will end so many lives, but possibly save others.

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