Why put my SHORT FICTION online for FREE ?

Because it’s a good way to reward YOU, the same broad spectrum of readers who enjoy my WWI historical thriller LUSITANIA LOST. (www.amazon.com/dp/1633536556

Writing Conan the Barbarian in his mythical Hyborian Age (ages ago, lol) I was doing FANTASY. It’s now seen as a sub-genre of the SCIENCE FICTION that I first loved, reading H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Like them, I write closer to reality under the tab header SCI FANTASY.

Remote fantasy universes, other than Alice’s Wonderland and Dorothy’s Oz,  were first popularized in the Sixties by Conan and JRR Tolkien. Since then, fantasy has been channeled by role-playing, card and computer games, and lately THE big money game, Game of Thrones.

My earliest writings were in a much narrower genre, the Cthulhu Mythos, a Lovecraftian blend of Sci Fi, Fantasy and weird religion… which has very seldom and very cheaply made it to film.

Science Fiction remains wildly inventive, but a lot is in the universes of Star Wars, Star Trek and Dune, or game worlds, far-off and limiting to many readers.

These tales of mine are close to present-day and real life. Either they were printed in classic venues like F&SF and Amazing, or else they’re too cross-genre and too long for today’s publishers. Most fall in between Fantasy and Sci Fi, in the sort of literary “Twilight Zone” that I call SCI FANTASY. This makes them easy to get into, more like the works of Poe or Stephen King… although less grim & gruesome, sometimes even funny! And for FREE.

Consider, for example, THE STRAVINSKY CODE. A familiar crime setting, at first, but…  Sci Fantasy

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