LEGENDRY  Here are some of the original covers of my 11 Conan paperbacks.

Conan The RenegadeConan the WarlordConan Lord of the Black River

FROM PULP FICTION TO CULT FICTION  My aim as a Conan “posthumous collaborator” was to “channel” the vivid storytelling skills of Conan’s originator, Robert E. Howard, 1906-1936. He produced only one novel and a large trove of Conan and other short stories, These were added to by a dozen other distinguished authors, most dabbling and moving on. But writing steadily for Tor Books, I became the most prolific contributor, with a million copies in print, a million words under my swash-belt. 

3 thoughts on “CONAN

  1. Joe Wilson

    You are a wonderful author and I enjoy your work with the Conan character immensely. While I was unemployed during the financial crisis of 2008 I began reading Conan paperbacks as a way to fill my days. I bought a copy of Conan the Outcast at a Salvation Army store for a quarter. That started me down the path of mania, learning everything there was to know about Conan. I had the time and your novel fired my interest. I went to city and county libraries, checking out every book I could, devouring them, the lore weaving together in my mind. Now that I am recovered financially, I have every Conan paperback of every sort imaginable. I’ve read about two-thirds of them. I went back to school to get my MA in World History about four years ago, so I had to take a break from reading fiction for a while. Now I am a part-time history professor, as I also take care of my aged and ailing parents. With time to read, I just finished Conan the Warlord. It was simply wonderful. Conan the Savage is perhaps my favorite of your offerings. I really enjoy how you weave an eldritch element around Conan’s narrative, firmly nailing it to the beginning and alluding to it subtly until Conan must confront the outwardly benign yet terribly dangerous villain.

    Anyway, I love your work. I continue to consume it. I appreciate all of your effort in producing it.

    1. lc2013 Post author

      Joe, thanks for your sterling praise, and for appreciating what I put into those books. Just after you wrote, I was off in Cuba researching a new novel. I”m now getting my websites and social networking up to speed, and able (i hope) to post this response. Best of success with your professorship and all our other modern and ancient problems! (BTW, one historical influence on my writing was Lewis Mumford.)

  2. Russell Spears

    You really need to get Jason Momoa to do your Conan the Renegade novel, now that he can really act the part, (see his movie Road to Paloma (2014)) and I would love that movie with some MGTOW throughout!

    You can start a Crypto ICO movie project, buy the rights and allow the fans to enjoy a masculine heroic tale once again…


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