Here are some of the experimental Lusitania covers I’ve considered while writing and re-writing. This one is based on an oil painting I purchased from a multi-talented friend, Leonard Wise. The central cutout should look good, with those incredible waves on the back.

Len Wise is a special guy. I tell him he’s a starving artist AND a starving writer, which means he’s starving twice as fast a the rest of us! In reality, Len has made almost as much from his paintings as he has from his books, such as the one that became the film Diggstown.

Below is a thumbnail that went with an early Kindle version, along with some variations.

Lusitania Lost by Leonard Carpenter       

Below is an elegant design by my friend Sandra Gore Nielsen for an early print edition.

And finally, a last desperate effort by an author who lacks Len Wise’s artistic Wisdom: